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SRA3 is a part of the SR series paper size, which is slightly larger than the regular A series, this is to only allow for it to be trimmed for a clean to the edge cut on the sides. By using the SRA3 Digital pre-cut label sheet considerable cost savings can be obtained as compared to A4. Click Rates on new digital production machines are charged based on the number of sheets that pass through the machine, regardless of the size of the sheet. By using the SRA3 Label sheet you are maximizing cost per click by producing double the amount of labels per pass for the same price.

  • SRA3 Full Sheets

  • Circle SRA3 Sheets Gloss

  • Circle SRA3 Sheets Matt

  • Rectangle SRA3 Sheets Gloss

  • Rectangle SRA3 Sheets Matt

  • Square SRA3 Sheets Matt

  • Square SRA3 Sheets Gloss

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