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A4 Perfect Binding

Hardcover perfect binding books and magazines are often used for annual reports, multi-page brochures, promotional and sales catalogues, look books, product guides, annual reports, periodical magazines, visitor guides, colouring books, promotional booklets, yearbooks, children’s books, technical booklets, manuals and much more.


Exclusively printed in Australia, these booklets and magazines always contain a 300gsm or 350gsm cover with the internal/text pages printed on the lighter paperweight.

A4 Perfect Binding

  • We specialize in super-fast perfect bound book printing. And with all books printed locally in Australia.

    If you are an author, writer or publisher and need your books fast, our priority dispatch option is the perfect solution.

    Perfect binding is great for short run and on demand printing. With quantities as small as 5 books, and available in a wide range of paper stocks, perfect binding is the professional solution for your book printing needs.

    Perfect for annual reports, sales catalogs, product guides, visitor guides, promotional booklets, year books, children’s books, technical booklets, etc…

    Perfect binding is a type of binding in which the pages are glued together along the spine. When binding your books, we use super strong PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) glue. This produces printed books which are significantly stronger and have much improved lay-flat capabilities when compared to regular EVA glues.

    The many magazines and soft cover books available on shelves at bookstores and newsagents are often good examples of the perfect binding method.

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