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Floor Sticker (Floor decal)

Pull-up banner
Hi Resolution Print - 720dpi

Floor Stickers are perfect for reinforcing existing advertising as well as complimenting Point of Sale. They are also great space savers, ideal for supermarket aisles, shopping centres, retail stores, or staircase landings. Our high quality Floor Stickers are matt Monomeric SAV with anti-slip lamination, suitable for all flat clean surfaces. 

Our Floor stickers have gone through the slip test conducted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the product was assessed on the following: 
- Wet Pendulum Test
- Dry Floor Friction Test
- Oil-Wet Pendulum Test

Floor Sticker (Floor decal)

  • Dear Clients:

    Please sent this infomation 

    Tell me the outdoor banner details what you want:

    Size(mm): what size you want

    Finishing: trim to size  or  die cut


    when is due?

    Design or not?


    Important: We allow up to 1 - 3 days for production however we can turn them around quicker if you are in a rush (a priority surcharge may apply).Prices exclude gst and freight

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