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Transparent Sticker

Pull-up banner
Hi Resolution Print - 720dpi

The Transparent Sticker gives you a 100% see through effect with your Print on it. This Sticker is perfect for when you need to Display your Image clearly and still be able to see through the Window. 

All ink colours are transparent when printed on sticker except for white.

Transparent Sticker

  • Dear Clients:

    Please sent this infomation 

    Tell me the outdoor banner details what you want:

    Size(mm): what size you want

    Finishing: trim to size  or  die cut


    when is due?

    Design or not?


    Important: We allow up to 1 - 3 days for production however we can turn them around quicker if you are in a rush (a priority surcharge may apply).Prices exclude gst and freight

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